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DUNAGAN Brothers and Cousins - Hall County Georgia

L-R Danny Dunagan, Lanny Dunagan, Tommy Dunagan, Roger Dunagan, Stanley Dunagan all 1st Cousins

Danny, Lanny and Stanley sons of  Dot Dunagan (Stanley deceased)
Tommy Dunagan (deceased) son of Pratt Dunagan
Roger Dunagan, (Greg Dunagan deceased, not pictured) son of L.C Dunagan


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Beautiful fall day on the shores of Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia. Home of Ezekiel Dunagan who first settled this part of Northeast Georgia in 1790. A veteran of the War of 1812, as was his first born son, Joseph Ellis Dunagan, who was Hall County's first State Senator, serving 23 years consecutively. As a state senator Joseph Ellis Dunagan helped to bring the railroads to this part of Georgia by raising funds by selling State Railroad Bonds introduced in the state legislature. 

Turn out was disappointing but the food was excellent, the weather beautiful, and everyone enjoyed the time together. The Dunagan Family meets every year, the first Sunday of October. 

Life Of Ezekiel Dunagan

Two Governors From One Family

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Kenneth Dunagan Family Tree

The name Dunagan is both a royal and noble surname. Recorded in several spelling forms including O'Donegan, Donegan, Dunican, Dungan, and Doonican, this small Irish clan, divided into four branches or sept, originates from the 10th century kings of a region called Fernmhagh, in what is now County Westmeath in Ireland. As befits a "royal" family, their numbers, are quite small. In the 20th century only some two hundred families are recorded in the whole of Ireland. This was not so in the seventeenth century and earlier, when the O'Donegans held the manor of Kildrought.  

Thomas Donegan, from this family being earl of Limerick, and creator of the 1686 Don(e)gan Charter, whereby the city of New York was passed by the Dutch to Britain. In the barony of Rathconrath, County Westmeath, over forty families called O'Donegan were recorded in the 1659 "Petty's" census of Ireland and there was also an appreciable number of nameholders in both County Cork and County Sligo. I found close DNA matches in four major areas: Cork County, Limerick, Dublin and Donegal. The County Cork sept were once a powerful clan in their own right, the area around the baronies of Orrery and Duhallow in North West Cork being known as "O'Donegans country". The Donegans were firm supporters of the Stewart monarchs. In 1691 the earl of Limerick supported the exiled James 11, the last king of Ireland, and paid for his support with the loss of his lands. Thereafter the clan seems to have gone into decline, and many holders of this name left for America, France and other destinations.This is where my family tree begins, or at least as far as I have been able to trace my roots back to this time in history.

William Dunagan was born in 1670 in Limerick, Ireland, and we believe that this is the beginning of our American connection to Ireland and the family branch by which my family today descended from.William Dunagan is your 7th great grandfather. He was born in Limerick, Ireland, and would have been a young man about the time of the siege of Limerick in 1691. After the Irish defeat in Limerick, the Dunagan family lost everything and many left for the colonies in America soon thereafter.

We do not know William Dunagan’s wife’s name but we know that he had the following children:

William Dunagan born 10 January 1702 in Limerick, Ireland

Thomas Dunagan born 16 June 1706 in Limerick, Ireland, died AFT 1782 in Surry County, NC

Timothy Dunagan born 1715 in Essex County, VA, died 1752 in NC

William Dunagan’s son Thomas is your 6th great grandfather and so begins our Dunagan family line in America. Two theories exist pertaining to Thomas Dunagan’s immigration to America. One source states he immigrated to VA in 1738, while another suggests he came to GA in 1732. However, the latter is obviously incorrect, in as much as GA was not settled until 1733, and at that time only by British subjects. He is believed to have moved to Orange County, NC, after 1740 or 1750, and then to Surry County, NC before 1767. He may have died as late as 1782.

Thomas married an Irish girl from Limerick named Sarah around 1726 and unfortunately this is all we know of Sarah. Thomas and Sarah had the following children:

Charles Dunagan born ? , died ABT 1813 in Orange County, NC

Thomas Dunagan born ABT 1727 in Ireland, died 1810 in Surry County, NC

John Dunagan born BEF 1730 in ? , died AFT 1780 in Surry County, NC

Joshua Dunagan born ABT 1737 in VA or NC, died ABT 1798 in GA

William Dunagan born 1738 in VA, died 15 Nov 1798 in Orange County, NC

Joseph Dunagan born 1740 in VA or NC, died 1810

Your 5th great grandfather is Joseph Dunagan, (Sr)who married also a girl named Sarah. That is all we know about his spouse. They had the following children:

Joseph Dunagan born ABT 1760 in NC

Isaiah Dunagan born ABT 1770 in NC, died ABT 1813 in Madison County, IL

Ezekiel Dunagan born 16 May 1771 in Pendleton, SC, died 10 Mar 1836 in Gainesville, Hall County, GA

Abner Dunagan born 1773 in Orange County, NC, died 22 Sept 1852 in Habersham County, GA

Andrew Dunagan born 7 Aug 1775 in NC, died 21 Aug 1848 in Greene, IL

Patrick Dunagan born ABT 1783 in NC, died 1 Oct 1819 in GA

Tyre Dunagan born 1787 in Surry County, NC, died 4 Dec 1864 in Surry County, NC

Joshua Dunagan born ABT 1798 in Franklin County, GA, died 2 Dec 1844 in Lumpkin County, GA

Your 4th great grandfather is Ezekiel Dunagan and he married Lydia Ann Brown in 1792.

Ezekiel had 19 children.*13 WITH LYDIA BROWN*

Joseph Ellis Dunagan (1793-1861)

Benjamin Dunagan (1795-1884)

Susannah Dunagan (1797- )

John D. Dunagan (1799-1857)

Abner Dunagan (1802-1851)

Anna Dunagan (1804-1857)

Delilah B. Dunagan (1806-1888)

Isaiah Dunagan (1808- )

Ezekiel Jackson Dunagan (1811-1881)

Andrew Foster Dunagan (1813- )

Elizabeth Caroline (Betsy) Dunagan (1816-1881)

Louisa B. Dunagan (1818- )

James Reid Dunagan (1821-1900)


Sophie Elizabeth Dunagan

Stephen Reid Dunagan

Daniel C. Dunagan (1829- )

Levi Jefferson Dunagan

George Washington Dunagan

Mary Jane Dunagan

The progenitor of most Hall County, Georgia residents with this surname was Ezekiel Dunagan, who in 1804 was living in and near the Wofford Settlement on the frontier of Georgia and the Cherokee Nation. The settlement was known as Joshua Darnigan's original settlers and Darnigan's new settlers. Listed in the group were: Joshua Darnigan, deceased; Joseph Dunagon, Ezekial Dunagan and Isiah Dunagan - more than likely father and sons.As a soldier in the War of 1812, Ezekiel Dunegin was listed in 1814 on the muster role as a spy for Fort Early, located in Jackson County, GA. The 1796 payroll of a detachment of militia infantry and US spies garrisoned at Fort Irwin at War Hill gives Andrew Dunningham, Joseph Dunagin (Spy) and Joseph Dunagin. William Stewart wrote in Gone to Georgia that Andrew, Ezekiel, Joseph and Isaiah Dunnigan (or those listed by the various spellings) were probably located in Orange County, North Carolina.

I also found this petition filed by Joseph Dunagan(probably Ezekiel's father but could be Ezekiel's brother, also named Joseph), Andrew Dunagan & Ezekiel Dunagan, spelled Dunnegane:

A PETITION FROM JOSEPH DUNAGAN, ET AL., TO GA GOV. JAMES JACKSON:Joseph, Ande and E. Dunnegane [sic] signed a letter addressed to "His Excellency James Jackson Govr., of Georgia, 13th September 1798," as follows: "We are induced from the peculiarity of our situation as Frontier citizens of Jackson and Franklin Counties to address your Excellency and implore your interposition in our favor. We beg leave to represent that we hold titles derived from Grants issued by the State of Georgia for lands which have proven to lie beyond the temporary boundary line, lately extended under the Superintendent of Col. Hawkins, Agent of Indian affairs for the United States - the lands we hold were granted between the years of 1783 and 1788. If your Excellency has the power of affording us relief we count with great confidence on receiving it."

Joseph Ellis Dunagan is your 3rd great grandfather, a veteran of the War of 1812, and was the first child born to Ezekiel and Lydia Ann Brown Dunagan. He married Lucinda “Lucy” Beall 15 Feb 1820 in Gainesville, Hall County, GA. Lucinda Beall's grandfather was Thadeus Beall, veteran of the American Revolution having served with George Washington and the Continental Army from the Colony of Maryland. Joseph and Lucy had the following children:

Fredrick Dunagan born 2 Nov 1824 in Hall County, GA, married Lanesa Kirbow, 22 Oct 1846.

Lydia Dunagan born 17 Feb 1826 in Hall County, GA, died 7 Apr 1891, married James Miller.

Ezekiel Dunagan born 15 Jan 1829 in Hall County, GA, died Feb 1906 in Hall County, GA, married Delilah Trotter, 26 Feb 1850. 2nd wife was Sarah Bryant(sister to F. Samanthra Bryant)  Kenneth this is your 2nd great grandfather.

Martha Dunagan born 12 Dec 1830 in Hall County, GA, married John Highfield.

John Franklin Dunagan born 15 Oct 1832 in Hall County, GA, died 13 Aug 1890 in Hall County, GA, married Frances Samanthra Bryant.

Alphus Benton Dunagan born 17 Feb 1835 in Hall County, GA, married Nancy Beall on 29 Oct 1876

Mary Dunagan born 2 Jun 1837 in Hall County, GA, married John Short.

Elizabeth Dunagan born 1 Apr 1845 in Hall County, GA.

Usually listed as Dunagan, the 1850 Census shows Joseph Ellis as Dunegan. He was a wealthy farmer, his assets totaling over $10,000 in 1850.A HISTORY OF THE HIGHLY VENERATED JOSEPH ELLIS DUNAGUN, PROVIDED BY MS. SYBIL WOOD McRAE:"Joseph Dunagan, the first born of Ezekiel Dunagan, represented Hall County in the Georgia state senate for 23 years. An unknown friend of Joseph's penned the following tribute:March 16, 1888. THE LATE JOSEPH DUNNEGAN: "There are few men living in Hall County today that were here 60 years ago. Many who were here then have died, while others have moved away and have left their places to be filled by others. Among those who have gone, none were more highly respected than Joseph Dunnegan, an honorable, high-minded Christian gentleman who enjoyed the love and confidence of the people of his county to the day of his death. Mr. Dunnegan served his county in the State Senate for 23 years in succession; and was known by the members of both branches of the general assembly for all parts of the state, and was called by his friends the 'Old Constitution' from the vigilance with which he guarded the sacredness of the fundamental law of the state. He was a class eader and Exhorter in the Methodist Church, and when at the close of the sermon he rose to deliver an exhortation, he was sure to command the strictest attention. Mr. Dunnegan had a bright and pleasant smile, and everyone had a good word for him. When not engaged on his farm, Mr. Dunnegan would spend a portion of his time in mining. He would conduct his mining operations through the week, but on the Sabbath hold religious meetings among miners. Sometime after the opening up of the mines in California Mr. Dunnegan went to that land of gold. After some three years absence, he returned to his home with a snug sum in gold dust which he then had coined at the mint at Dahlonega. After remaining at home for a year or two he went to the Rocky Mountain gold region in quest of more gold. After the breaking out of the war in 1861 Mr. Dunnegan started for his home in Georgia, which he was destined never to reach for he was taken sick on the way and stopped some place in the state of Illinois. He died away from home among strangers who cared well for him and there they buried him. Thus lived and died one of Hall County's great and good men whose greatness consisted of his goodness."

Ezekiel Dunagan(1829-!906), brother to my 2nd great grandfather, John Franklin Dunagan, son of Joseph Ellis Dunagan, married Delliah Trotter(1830-1861) Ezekiel was known for making fine brandy and moonshine.

Ezekiel and Delliah had the following children:

Joseph D. Dunagan(1850-1933)

Benjamin F. Dunagan(1854- ?)

Edwin Poar Dunagan(1856-1928)

Malclm Dunagan(1858 - ?)

Ezekiel Dunagan(1860-!861)

Delliah died in1861, and Ezekiel married Sarah Bryant(1834-1911), whose Grandmother was full blooded Eastern Cherokee which makes Sarah about 1/8 Cherokee. Shortly after the Civil War ended the sons all moved to Texas.

Ezekiel and Sarah had the following children:

Mecilla Dunagan(1864- ?)

Ella Dunagan(1866-1958)

Sophronia Emma Dunagan(1869- ?)

Chester Dunagan(1871-?)

Charles Ulysses Dunagan((1873-1958)

Ezekiel Dunagan(1875-1947)

Lee Alexandria Dunagan(1878-1911)

Octavia Dunagan(1885-1933)

Garland Clayton Dunagan(1905-1976) was the son of Charles Ulysses Dunagan(1873-1958) and Garland Clayton married Abbie Irene Connor. They had the following children:

Charles Dunagan

Evelyn Dunagan

Kenneth Dunagan was the son of Charles Dunagan. 

Kenneth is the father of Cody Dunagan and Nick Dunagan and grandfather to Nick's son, Lyric Dunagan.

Researched by William Dunagan

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Present day Hall County, Georgia was first settled in the late 1790's by two Irish brothers who brought the first settlers here? Joseph and Joshua Dunagan led a small group of white settlers into the then Indian territory and built their settlement on the banks of the Oconee River in the eastern part of present day Hall County, Georgia. Shortly after their arrival, Ezekiel and Isaiah, sons of Joseph Dunagan, led the second group of settlers to the Joshua Dunagan settlement. Joshua was soon slaughtered by the Indians near Maysville, Georgia. After his death the settlement was known as the Joseph Dunagan settlement. Ezekiel stayed and raised his family in this same area. At the time of his death in 1836, he owned three thousand acres. Ezekiel’s descendants remained on his land and built a community that was known as Dunagan, Georgia. Most of the Dunagans in this area today are direct descendants of Joseph and his son Ezekiel. Some of Old Zeke's descendants are still living on his land today.

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*Correction notation in article regarding Ezekiel Jackson Dunagan 

correct date of death is June 28 1881.