Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Sons of Thomas Dunagan and the American Revolution

Thomas Dunagan was born June 16, 1706, in Limerick, Ireland. He was an early immigrant to America, settling first in Virginia, then Orange County, NC, and later in Surry County, NC, where he died sometime between 1782 and 1790. This Thomas Dunagan was my 6th great grandfather. Thomas married an Irish girl from Limerick named Sarah around 1726 and unfortunately this is all we know of Sarah. Thomas and Sarah had the following children:

Charles Dunagan born ? , died ABT 1813 in Orange County, NC
Thomas Dunagan born ABT 1727 in Ireland, died 1810 in Surry County, NC
John Dunagan born BEF 1730 in ? , died AFT 1780 in Surry County, NC
Joshua Dunagan born ABT 1737 in VA or NC, died ABT 1798 in GA
William Dunagan born 1738 in VA, died 15 Nov 1798 in Orange County, NC
Joseph Dunagan born 1740 in VA or NC, died 1810

Of Thomas and Sarah Dunagan’s children, they had three sons who fought in the Revolutionary War for America’s Independence. John, Joshua and Thomas, aka Tommy, fought in the Revolutionary War as Continental Army soldiers.

  • John Dunnegan, #1282, paid 185 lbs., received by same (vol. 7 page 205 NC) NC Records, Also Roster of the Revolution. Received into service by Selby Harney.
  • Joshua Dunnagan, #2893, NC line (Revolution Soldiers) paid 186 lbs. 186 vol. 17, page 207, 1781-1785 NC records, also NC Roster. Joshua was living at the time he enlisted in Warrenton District, Fauquier County, VA. Received by William Faircloth.
  • Thomas “Tommy” Dunnigan, private, enlisted April 25, 1776, mustered out January 1778.

There were other Dunagan men from this same family line in North Carolina that served together in the same war. David Dunnagan, a younger John Dunnagan and Sherrid (Sherwood) Dunagan also served. I don't know the exact relationship to the older Dunagan brothers but they were probably cousins or nephews. According to my father's(George J.) research notes, he believed that David Dunnagan was killed in the war.

  • David Dunnagan, vol. 4 chapter 4, 8, 12, C.L. Also Dunningham, Dunagin, Dunagan. David's service # was 91389, 4th. Virginia Regiment(General Scott's Brigade) NC Roster 207.
  • John Dunagan (younger John) service # 1283, vol. 17, page 205 NC records, Roster of Revolution NC. John was a private and was deeded 640 acres in NC for 84 months of service in the American Revolution, April 2, 1784 by Captain McNees in Warrenton District NC. John was born March 15, 1755, died in 1813, married Susan (last name unknown).


  1. Great information. I'm a descendent of Thomas as well. He was also my 6th grandfather. Please email me.

    1. Thomas was my 8th great grandfather. Great research. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've seen information that Thomas had another daughter that you didn't list named Phebe born 1795 in NC. Do you have any info on her?

  3. My dad and aunt went over to Limerick and could find no trace of Dunagans (or various spellings) there in the supposed time frame. Have you found evidence of vital records there?

  4. I just returned from NC State Archives in Raleigh. I went to obtain documentation for William Dunnegan's Rev. War service. I copied his pay voucher which is accepted by the DAR and SAR. Also copied his will and the will of his son Sherid (Sherwood) They lived and died in Orange Co, NC. What is the evidence that William was the son of Thomas and Sarah? Thanks